Celebrate in Style With Tattoos! 🎉

Planning a special event?

Elevate your celebration with custom temporary tattoos that leave a lasting impression.

Personalized Tattoos in a Snap 📸✨

Got a favorite photo? Turn it into a tattoo!

Whether it’s a funny snapshot, a cherished memory, or your company logo, we bring your images to life. Just upload and leave the magic to us.

Still Have Some Questions?

We've got answers!

Our tattoos are designed to be very temporary, lasting 1-2 days.
- Avoid lotion or oils around the area

- Avoid extreme heat or humidity, as the tattoo will wear off much faster due to the oils of the skin

- Avoid rubbing

Our tattoos all come pre-cut in singles for your convenience!
Sizing: 2x3.5 Inches

Similar to the size of a business card!

We proudly print and ship all our tattoos from Los Angeles, CA. 🥂

We will never outsource our work to other countries. We take pride in quality control and want to make sure the tattoos are made to the highest degree of quality.

Additionally, we love to employ locally and keep things in house!

Our tattoos are designed to be water-resistant, so they can remain in tact when around water. If they're constantly submerged, it will wear off much quicker.