Anniversary Tattoo Ideas: Top 8 Custom Tattoos for Anniversary
J Joseph Medina

Anniversary Tattoo Ideas: Top 8 Custom Tattoos for Anniversary

Jun 23, 2024

Celebrating anniversaries is all about remembering the moments that you usually share with your loved ones. You can now collect and preserve these memories with your loved ones with a custom tattoo.

At INKBOND, we specialize in creating personalized tattoos that generally capture your unique love story.

In this blog, we will look at our top eight tattoo ideas for your anniversary that will help you make your special day a little more unique.


Top 8 Custom Tattoo Ideas for Anniversary

#1 “Love Tat with Hashtag” tattoo Idea For Anniversary

The Love Tat with Hashtag Tattoo is a perfect way to show off your love for your partner. This tattoo usually has very cute red hearts and allows you to customize it with a photo and a special hashtag. You can generally add names and text like "#ILoveYouMarcus". This will allow you to make it even more personal. Whether you’re getting it for your wife or husband, these tattoo ideas for anniversary are a sweet and trendy way to celebrate your love.

  • Design Elements: Red hearts, customizable photo, hashtag text
  • Personalization: Add names and special hashtags
  • Occasion: Perfect for any kind of anniversary

#2 "My Parents are Meowied!" Tattoo

If you're a cat lover, this My Parents are Meowied tattoo is purr-fect for you. This design usually has a cute cat and allows you to customize the text with your names. For example, you could write "Kate and Lisa, My Parents are Meowied!" This is a playful and adorable tattoo which is a great way to honor your special bond with your partner.

  • Design Elements: Cute cat illustration
  • Personalization: Add names and custom text
  • Occasion: Great for cat-loving couples

#3 "Married AF" Custom Tattoo Idea For Anniversary

Show off your marital status with the bold and fun Married AF custom tattoo. This design basically includes an arrow that points out to a customizable photo and space for your text. It's a unique and cheeky way to celebrate your anniversary. This will let everyone know just how happily married you are.

  • Personalization: Add a photo and custom text
  • Occasion: Ideal for a fun and bold anniversary statement

#4 "Sip Sip Hooray!" Tattoo

You can basically raise a toast to your love with the Sip Sip Hooray tattoo. This design cleverly places a wedding ring between the two O's in "Hooray". This also generally allows you to customize the text and add your wedding date. It’s a delightful and celebratory way to mark your anniversary.

  • Design Elements: Wedding ring, celebratory text
  • Personalization: Add custom text and wedding date
  • Occasion: Perfect for a joyful and celebratory anniversary tattoo

#5 "Happily Ever After!" Tattoo

Celebrate your love story with our Happily Ever After tattoo. This design features a beautiful and elegant font. It also allows you to add a photo. It’s a classic and romantic way to celebrate your journey together and look forward to many more happy years.

  • Design Elements: Elegant font and customizable photo
  • Personalization: Add a photo and custom text
  • Occasion: Perfect for a timeless and romantic anniversary tattoo

#6 Anniversary Love" Temporary Tattoo

The Anniversary Love temporary tattoo is another charming option amongst our top tattoos for anniversaries. This design has many cute red hearts. This also allows you to include a photo of you and your partner. You can also add a hashtag, like "#LisaBachelorette," to personalize it further. This tattoo is perfect for capturing a specific moment in your relationship. 

#7 "Anniversary Ribbon" Temporary Tattoo

Our Anniversary Ribbon temporary tattoo is an excellent choice if you want a touch of vintage charm. This design basically has a ribbon where you can customize the text and add your wedding date. It also includes two pinkish-red hearts. This can be paired with a black-and-white photo that can give it a retro effect. 

#8 "Anniversary Heart" Temporary Tattoo

Finally, the  Anniversary Heart temporary tattoo offers a romantic and heartfelt way to celebrate your love. This design has a heart shape that includes a photo of you and your partner. You can customize the text and add your wedding date within the heart. This will help you to make it a deeply personal and loving gift to your relationship. This heart symbol can help you create a powerful and lovely image of your love.


Choosing anniversary tattoo ideas for couples is a beautiful way to express your love and commitment. Whether you prefer a fun and playful design or a classic and romantic tattoo, INKBOND has something for everyone. Celebrate your love story with a tattoo that will help you protect your love forever.

For more information on anniversary tattoo ideas for couples, visit our INKBOND website today!


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