Baby Birthday Tattoo Ideas With Baby Name and Birth Year
J Joseph Medina

Baby Birthday Tattoo Ideas With Baby Name and Birth Year

May 27, 2024

When it comes to the world of wild baby birthday parties, the cake is as much on the floor as in their little mouths, and the balloons are more likely to be burst for fun than admired. But amidst the chaos that is ensured by the little bundles of joy, one trend has been sticking around - temporary tattoos! This quirky little activity is perfect for adorning the chubby cheeks and little arms of these kids which make the day memorable for them.

Read on to find the cutest designs offered by Inkbond to pick for your kid's birthday tattoos!

Take Your Pick with Baby Birthday Tattoo Ideas

To take your kid’s birthday party celebration up by a notch, take a look at our exclusive range of custom baby birthday tattoos ideas and help them create some cherishable memories!

1. Boho Rainbow

A fan-favorite, Boho Rainbow offers a simple and classic design of pastel-colored rainbows and twinkling stars. It is easily customizable, all you have to do is select your favorite picture of your kiddo and the personalized text you want! Crafted with skin-safe materials and are oh-so temporary, allowing your kid to go crazy with this Boho Rainbow tattoo!

2. Rocketeer

Got a mini-astronaut and space buff on your hands? Then this rocket and space-themed  Rocketeer temporary tattoo might be a perfect choice! Designed with a very funky depiction of the moon, and a launched rocket, you can customize and add your kid’s picture accompanied by their name and age. Make this the perfect keepsake to make them nostalgic when they’re older!

3. Pink Birthday Border

Take a trip down memory lane with the Pink Birthday Border Tattoo, a throwback to the cute designs and doodles we all used to make for our friends and family for their birthdays! Customize and add your kid's picture, and add a cheerful “Happy Birthday” banner. Little pink and orange emoticons surround it on three sides, and the bottom is designed with a beautiful cake and gifts making it a wonderful choice for your little girl’s big day!

4. Birthday Numbers

Keeping it classy, this Birthday Numbers temporary tattoo might be exactly what you’re searching for! Adorned with fluffy blue clouds on the top and bottom, and little chunks of sparkles, you can personalize it with your child’s picture and age to create the perfect temporary tattoo! 

5. Baby Birthday Girl Tattoo

If you are a proud parent to a baby girl, then this Baby Birthday Girl tattoo has to be a part of her birthday party plans! The sweet and simple design features your daughter’s personalized picture, accompanied by a pretty little heart, arrow, and “Birthday Girl” featured in fun typography.

6. Baby Birthday Boy Tattoo

Just like the counterpart for baby girls, this Baby Birthday Boy Tattoo design is specially curated for baby boys! Personalize it with your son’s picture, accented by a cute blue heart, arrow, and “Birthday Boy” written in quirky typography. 

7. Double Rainbow Tattoo

One of the most sought-after baby birthday tattoo ideas, the double rainbow tattoo can be personalized with a picture of your child and it will be decorated with hand-drawn rainbows on both sides with playful typography featuring the kid’s name and “#BirthdayGirl” or “#BirthdayBoy”. 

Aftercare for your Baby’s Birthday Tattoo

Proper aftercare is crucial in ensuring that your baby’s tattoo heals beautifully and maintains its vibrancy. Here's a detailed guide to help you take care of your new tattoo:

  • Avoid Water for the First Few Hours: After applying the temporary tattoo, try to keep it dry for at least a couple of hours.
  • Gentle Care: When bathing or showering, be gentle with the tattoo area. Avoid scrubbing the tattoo directly as this can cause it to wear off prematurely.
  • Moisturize Carefully: You can apply a light, fragrance-free lotion to their skin, but be careful not to over-moisturize the area. Excessive lotion can cause the tattoo to start peeling off.
  • Limit Sun Exposure: Although temporary tattoos are not as sensitive to sunlight unlike permanent tattoos, direct and prolonged exposure to the sun can make the colors fade away. If your baby is in the sun for an extended period, cover the tattoo with a piece of clothing or use sunscreen that won't affect the adhesive.
  • Resist Touching or Scratching: Try to not let them scratch or peel the tattoo.
  • Removing the Tattoo: When removing the tattoo, gently rub it with baby oil or an oil-based lotion, then wash it off with warm water and soap.

Wrapping Up

Although temporary tattoos only last a few days, the memories and photos will bring smiles to your little one’s face for several years to come! Choose from the wide range of Inkbond’s baby birthday tattoo ideas to make your kiddo’s birthday party a blast for everyone involved!

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